Our Mission

We believe we must have courage to plan a new future and that behind the difficulties there is a different horizon to discover and think together. As a Green company, we aspire to become the ideal partner of all Companies and Public Administrations that move towards virtuous Go-Green models, intercepting the change in progress, pursuing sustainability, efficiency, social inclusion and digitalization. With these prerogatives we have concentrated our strengths on what has become our home and our passion.


We support our customers to meet the most sophisticated needs in the Green Economy field.

Engineering and Supplying

We plan and develop customized solutions based on the objectives defined together with the Customer.


We organize and operate to define the project and maintain it over the time, with inspection activities, sampling, maintenance, calibration and verification.

Our Journey


In 1986 the Chernobyl disaster has identified a global problem: environmental impacts. In Italy, in the same year, the Ministry of the Environment was established. At that time, our employees carried out monitoring networks, acquiring environmental data on Personal Computer for the first time.


At the end of the 80s, the first Italian legislation on Atmospheric Emission was enacted (DPR 203/88). Years in which we planned the first air emission monitoring system in Italy at the SG – 31 plant in Porto Marghera.


Between 1991 and 1995, was defined the national legislation on noise pollution and the first regulation (DPCM 21/12/95) on the verification of Emissions Monitoring Systems (EMS). During this period, we realized the first fixed network of acoustic monitoring airport for noise pollution and the first EMS checks, defining the operational models become then standard reference.


In 2001, were drafted the first guidelines of monitoring systems. Thus, begins the adventure of the brand “Studio SMA” and environmental consultancy services.


In 2005 was issued the norm UNI EN 141814 on the quality of data provided by the EMS. In 2006, after having developed the operative method with its partners, SMA carried out the first QAL 2 in Italy, in the most complex industrial sector such as waste incineration at the Ecoprogetto -Fusina plant (VE).


In 2010, when the Domus of Gladiator collapsed in Pompei, Studio SMA realizes the mobile laboratory for the valorization of cultural heritage and develops, together with its partner, an informatic protocol for the measurement of fragility and their safeguard.


In the 2012 the decree “Unlock Italia” of the then Passera Minister, dictates the guidelines for the construction of a Smart City. At the same time, Studio SMA proposes with others the projects “Trevision – Smart City Treviso”, “Chioggia Smart City” and “Altinum Smart”.


Since 2013 Studio SMA embraces the paradigms of environmental sustainability, energetic efficiencies and digitalization, creating the brands VALORIZZA and ENERGI.CO. In recognition of this important development in that year the new management commissarial of ILVA S.p.A. of Taranto, decides to rely on Studio SMA.


Since 2016 Studio SMA offers its technological support to the Legambiente campaign “Green Train” and realizes the first World Sporting event Carbon Free. A series of activities aimed at sustainability. A new future is coming…

SMA…a new name to look with confidence to the future and hold solid roots in the past…

Our history

We started when the words green, sustainability and environment were not part of a common
vocabulary. It was spoken abroad and for those who lived near the biggest industrial center in Europe it wasn’t difficult to associate them with their future.


««In the mid ‘ 80, a real curiosity has turned into a profession. After having had the good fortune to work in one of the most important multinationals of the technological sector, being able to
choose between automation, digitalization of the processes and measurement and control of the pollutants, it was an opportunity to seize on the fly. From that moment along with many young and old colleagues, confront the social perception after episodes such as the outbreak of Chernobyl and how the establishment of a Ministry for the Environment in Italy, we decided to exploit this market opportunity».


Mention. Michele Masé


Our experience began in 1988 with the first Venetian company producing monitoring systems.Venetian, like us, first and then Venetian, as our Venetian relatives would say, that brings our
ideas and solutions all over the world.

We have always focused our initiative on the market, finding innovative solutions before our competitors, like today with the Smart world, the Internet of Things, sustainability and
digitalization (Green and Smart)..


What we want is to accompany the private company or the Public administration in the transition from the measurement of impacts, to the new concept of sustainability and social
responsibility, where the new paradigm is

We don’t do it because it’s right, but we do it for our children”.

Ours is a complicated reality, but at the same time slender, wich boats numerous and prestigious institutional collaborations and operates throughout the national territory.


Now the company has more than 200 active customers, including larger Italian groups and the most important multinationals. In the mid ‘80 no one would believe us…


More than 30 years of history, with a consolidated team of technicians specialized in consultancy, planning and field activities, to solve in a multidisciplinary way any type of
environmental problem, creating value within the companies and the Italian Public administrations.

not just an Office

In recent years, the company has decided to reformulate the entire corporate image, also activating and optimizing the resources in optics marketing.

An internal and external revolution, which led to a re-branding and a redefinition of the company’s stylistic and communicative lines.


A process of change, in evolutionary terms, that invests all business processes, redefining the classic business model and looking towards the future. Digital as the foundation of all services, innovation as a leverage to optimize company performance and achieve new goals.

A company, a team, a challenge towards a new future.


The company owns the international certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for all our services.

Since 2013 we are certified according to the quality standards dictated by the UNI EN ISO 9001. The primary purpose of this certification is the continuous improvement of the company performance, allowing the company to assure its customers the maintenance and the improvement of quality of its services. The model ISO 9001 represents a strategic toll because it’s aimed at costs control, increased productivity and wastes reduction.

The ISO 14001 certification demonstrates the concrete commitment to reduce the
environmental impact of processes and services, certifying the application of Environmental Management System. Obtaining this certification allowed us to define an environmental policy suitable to the nature, the size and the environmental impacts of our activities and services.