Governance and Planning

A set of services for public administrations for the realization of projects and planning interventions in the field of Smart, social and digital.

  • Defining the governance model
  • Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate – PAESC
  • Municipal Lighting Regulator Plan – PRIC/PICIL
  • Sustainable Mobility Urban Plan – PUMS
  • Land Planning Plan – PAT
  • Acoustic zoning 
  • Participation and monitoring campaigns for citizens


SMA accompanies the all reality that decide to undertake the conversion process to technologic innovation, so the transition from analogue to digital.

  • Smart Data Center
  • Smart Net
  • Smart Gate
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Building
  • Smart School

Energy Efficient

An offer, to enhance the energy assets of our customers (Big Companies, Energivori, PMI, traders, consortia) and encourage them to move towards virtuous models, to better intercept the changes in progress, towards environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Analysis of the efficiency of plants and illuminated bodies
  • Energy rehabilitation
  • Consumer monitoring systems
  • Engineering and feasibility study

Enhancement of tourism and cultural heritage

We pursue our mission by enhancing the cultural heritage to promote the knowledge of the value of heritage on which we intervene and to ensure the best conditions of utilization and fruition of the heritage itself to any kind of reality, in order to encourage the development of

  • Enhancing and safeguarding cultural heritage
  • Sustainable and digital tourism.