Life Cycle Analysis

A set of Life Cycle Analysis-based services or Life Cycle Assessment that are the foundation for the development of tools such as performance analysis, environmental impacts and sustainability reporting.

  • Life Cycle Analysis – LCA
  • Environmental certification and Green Public Procurement
  • Urban Metabolism


Design services developed to support companies in high-sustainability innovation projects at both the enterprise and single product and service levels.

  • Green Building
  • Product Ecodesing
  • Processes Ecodesign

Social responsibility

An expert team supports and accompanies companies in the design and implementation of social responsibility trough an analysis and a mapping of investments implemented for the management of impacts and the initiatives aimed at the community.

  • Sustainability report
  • Awareness and information campaigns

Environmental Communication

Integrate communication projects aimed at disseminating, through the correct communication of investments and interventions, the values and the policies of the company or the institution.

  • Communication strategy and brand reputation develop
  • Consultancy and web design support
  • Development of videos for Green Marketing campaigns
  • Graphic design and printing of materials for Green Marketing Campaign

Cost and benefit Analysis

An expert team offers personalized services for the analysis of a project also from the point of view of economic sustainability by proposing great solutions for each type of budgets.

  • Life Cycle Costing – LCC
  • Incentives for renewable sources
  • Environmental Due Diligence – DDA